Monthly Archives: April 2012

Photo Touch Up Tutorial

This tutorial teaches about how to make simple adjustments to photos. This makes photos more extravagant and can make photos more “eye¬†appealing” which is always the goal in designing. This one of the most helpful tutorials I have ever used because it can make photos look so much more appealing. This will help me with future projects because it has taught me more about how to add contrast to a photo. This also can make a photo look more interesting and may grab the attention of your intended audience better.

Metal Scratches Tutorial

This tutorial was simple but elegant and had some major upside to my project and projects to come. This tutorial adds depth and style to anything and gives it a rugged look that is needed in many designs. This design has a limitless amount of upside in potential in designing you look for detail and sometimes imperfection to a design and that is exactly what this design does. In many designs imperfection is exactly what the designer may want to capture and show to his audience.

Project Update


In this past week I have begun to try a new form of designing in which I have never attempted before. I am going to make a grunge design. I am very excited to get this project completed because I would really like to incorporate the Dallas Cowboys Logo into this design. I would like to make this design look very rugged and very eye appealing.

Tutorial 2 Update

In this tutorial it is much like tutorial 1 but it creates a more western-like theme.

Tutorial 1 Update


In these tutorials it was all about learning how to tint images and make them more eye appealing. This tinting process was relativetly

simple,however it is a skill that is needed to construct good designs. I will use this skill in simple pictures and not so much in my own

personal designs.