Glass Effect Tutorial


In this tutorial I learned how to make text look more like broken glass.

Project Update

ImageThis week in my project I have been rounding edges to make them look more presentable. I have also finished tracing and will begin with detail shortly.

Project Update


I have gotten a lot of tracing done this week on my vector portrait of Muhammad Ali and

it has begun to take shape. I still have to get facial features done and continue to add

more and more detail to this project as I endure further into this project.

Update on Project

I am currently working on a Muhammad Ali poster

in which I will turn it into a Vector Poster.

Tutorial 1


In this photo I edited it so that it looked like this photo was taken by an older camera. I used a tutorial that I

found ( I made a few judgement

calls as well with making this tutorial work better for this image.

Logotype Revised

Logotype Revised

I felt like this project really showed me my own improvement throughout the year. This project did not pose many challenges because this type of style I am already familiar with. I like the colors and style that I used in this Logotype. This Logotype is a huge improvement from my last Logotype at the start of the school year.

Illustration 2

-Do you feel this illustration shows improvement from your previous illustration? Why or why not?

            – Yes, because now we have more experience with the program and can maximize the features that this software provides.

-What was the biggest challenge you faced in completing this project? What did you do to address it?

            – How to make the colors flow I addressed it by tweaking colors and shapes.

-What changes would you make to the actual project/requirements if any?

            – None

-What do you plan to take away from this (skills, techniques, tools in the software, etc.) project that you can apply to future projects?

            – A better understanding of how to use the blob brush and better use of the pen tool as well.

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